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Make SYNLawn your resource in Toronto for artificial grass products that set the standard for an entire industry. Our synthetic turf products offer a realism and durability for GTA residents that is truly rare among grass synthetics, and are the result of decades of relentless and inspired research and development.

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Residential ApplicationsSYNLawn is perfect for any residential home. It will not only save you hours of landscape work but it will also save you money. If your lawn is patchy and can’t grow grass in certain areas, you should definitely consider replacing your grass with SYNLawn artificial turf. You will have a perfect lawn all year long with little to no maintenance. No more pulling weeds, watering, aeration, mowing or harmful pesticides. It looks and feels very natural and is incredibly durable.
Dogs and PetsYou and your pets will fall in love with our artificial turf. No harmful pesticides, allergen free, will never be muddy or messy and less annoying odors thanks to our innovative products. Not to mention no more brown stains or holes in your lawn! It doesn’t matter if you have an easygoing pet or a playful, roughhousing dog we can find the perfect SYNLawn installation that works for you for years to come. SYNLawn products are extremely durable and long lasting but if ever required high traffic zones can simply be replaced without redoing your entire yard.
Putting GreensPractice your golf swing from the comfort of your own home or business. Our indoor and outdoor golf turfs are designed to be exactly like a real golf course and are perfect for every golfer, from novice to experts.
PlaygroundsAll of our grass products can be used for play areas. They install with ease around playground equipment and along slopes and bends. In addition, SYNLawn offers easily replaceable TrampleZones™ - replace only the high-traffic zones without replacing the entire playground.
Roof, Deck & PatioSYNLawn transforms your deck, patio, or rooftop into beautiful outdoor living areas to create more usable and functional spaces. Innovative solutions from SYNLawn provide creative possibilities for using grass in areas before unimaginable.
Commercial ProductsReduce or even eliminate maintenance costs associated with natural lawn care with an average return on investment of 2-3 years. Enjoy healthy lush appearance year round, regardless of weather or drought conditions with no weeds. There are unlimited design possibilities. SYNLawn can be used in many places natural grass may not, including rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or non-accessible areas.
Agility TurfReduce or even eliminate maintenance costs associated with natural lawn care with an average return on investment of 2-3 years. Enjoy healthy lush appearance year round, regardless of weather or drought conditions with no weeds. There are unlimited design possibilities. SYNLawn can be used in many places natural grass may not, including rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or non-accessible areas.
Ecore Athletic FlooringSince 1871, Ecore has been transforming reclaimed waste into unique surfaces that make people’s lives better. What started with simple cork closures has evolved into a diverse portfolio of products solving complex problems in applications ranging from playgrounds, weight rooms, and turf fields to hospitals, hotels, and retail environments.

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Artificial Grass is Winning the Turf War1 year ago - ## Boom in the demand for artificial grass Artificial grass is gaining ground as a viable option for landscape areas including residential, commercial, sports and play areas. A recent study The Global Market for Artificial Turf 2018, published by Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI Consulting; Bristol, UK) indicates that there is greater demand for artificial turf. “In all applications the challenges of growing grass has people looking for alternatives.” Many homeowners are simply fed up with the challenge of caring for their lawns and are looking for an easy way to keep their lawn looking green and healthy. Whether the difficulty is due to grubs, unhealthy soil conditions, digging dogs, too much shade etc. the challenges all fade away when artificial turf is installed. Architects and designers find artificial turf to be a great alternative to other landscape options. In fact SYNLawn is becoming a product of choice not just an alternative. Landscape architects are able to design easy to maintain, cost effective, long lasting, environmentally responsible spaces for their clients. With safety built right into the base for sports and community applications, installing artificial turf can make it possible to increase use of the space for teams and community events creating an additional income source for local communities. ## Choosing what company to go with is the next question. SYNLawn is the leader in artificial turf, constantly improving to provide the highest quality products. They now offer a NEW LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY! Advancements in manufacturing include turf that drains at a rate of 45” per hour, made from 60% recycled content, is 100% recyclable and now has a limited lifetime warranty. SYNLawn lead free and child/pet safe. There is no off-gassing and in fact architects get LEED points for specifying SYNLawn. SYNLawn is a safe and environmentally responsible choice. There are a wide range of styles and price points. Solutions are available for any area and all applications. Turf can be installed on rooftops, balconies, play areas, landscapes, and for golf. Let us know what you are looking for. We can suggest the best options at the right price point for your project. [REFERENCE](
Architects Stay Ahead of the Curve1 year ago - As a landscape architect it is important to stay current and on the lookout for new ideas. Maintaining ongoing training is also mandatory for members of architecture associations. ## How can we help? We are Garden City Groundskeeping Services Ltd., your local authorized dealer and installer of SYNLawn Artificial Turf. We deliver Lunch and Learn Presentations that earn you credits with the OAA and OALA. SYNLawn, the undisputed leader in this field is proud to announce that we have just released our new line up of turf for 2018. With great new designs and manufacturing improvements you will now find styles with higher ounce weights, improved drainage and some with lower prices too! ## Synlawn offers many Benefits: * Our Nylon Turf and has a Class A Fire Rating * Our turf has HeatBlock technology built into the blades to reduce heat by 20% * Our triple layer Envirolock backing is soy based not petroleum * Our Envirofill infill provides bacteria, odour and mold control and is safe for children and pets * Our product is VOC Compliant * We have a manufacturer based 15 year Warranty * Our product is made in North America - not imported from China * Our turf is 100% recyclable and made with post consumer products SYNLawn is a sustainable product! Architects earn LEED points for little to no water usage, reduction in carbon emissions, innovation in design and more. Contact us to today arrange your presentation, and/or delivery of new d-ring samples and a current price list. We look forward to be of service to you...let us know how we can help!
It's planning time! Check out Canada Blooms for NEW IDEAS1 year ago - Spring is on the horizon, winter is coming to an end. Like the plants we gain enthusiasm as the sap starts to run. It’s planning time! Are you looking for ideas...ready to plan your design or hire a professional to help you? Come wander around and check out the garden displays and leisure spaces as at Canada Blooms. Get a glimpse of great designs and speak with professionals to discover new ways to improve and find solutions for your outdoor garden and entertainment areas. Once again SYNLawn is proud to be a part of Canada Blooms. We have new turf styles to check out with a number of design and manufacturing improvements like thicker, more lush turfs and improved drainage. We are sure you will see the benefits and value that SYNLawn has too offer. Among many benefits you will reduce your carbon footprint and save water by installing this environmentally responsible turf. Wouldn’t you love a beautifully green lawn, virtually maintenance free and always ready to enjoy either quietly on your own or with guests? Come by our booth #G25A to see our beautiful turf. Visit the wine garden and run your toes through our soft NEW 100 OZ turf while sipping on a beverage. Canada Blooms takes place March 9 to 18, 2018 at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto. For more information or for tickets, please visit Mention this article for a 5% discount on your SYNLawn installation for areas over 1200 sq. ft!
Should You Fake a Lawn3 years ago - Natural grass lawns are beautiful when they are well taken care of and have the right amounts of water and fertilizer. There are times, however, when faking a lawn may be a better option. The fact, keeping a natural grass lawn is hard work. While there are many factors that can affect how a lawn looks and feels, there are also many ways to make sure it always looks its very best, without harming the environment or violating local water restrictions. ## Drought or too much water Dry and extremely wet conditions can wreak havoc on a lawn. The lack of rain and extremely high temperatures can cause the blades to turn brown, dry out and break off. It can take up to 150,000 gallons of water a year to maintain a small to medium sized lawn. Too much water will cause mold and the lawn will be mushy and thin out. ## Too Much Shade Lawns that have an excessive amount of shade, either from large trees or buildings, often have bare or uneven patches. Grass requires medium to full sun to thrive. If an area is only exposed to sunlight for a a couple of hours a day, odds are the grass will not do well. You can fake your lawn by installing artificial turf or removing the natural grass and creating a landscaped area. With landscaping, the use of shade tolerant plants and inorganic mulch means no more worries about direct sunlight and allows you to keep your lawn beautiful and maintenance free. ## Heavy Foot Traffic Heavy foot traffic can result in pathways, ridges and large bare spots where the dirt is exposed and can wear away. Childrens play areas are notorious for having bare spots and areas where the grass and soil has worn away. This can become a tripping hazard, causing children to stumble and fall while they are playing. Just the average daily play of children and pets can begin to mat down natural grass and create faint pathways that, over time, can become more pronounced and lead to brown areas in the lawn. If you want to keep play areas looking their absolute best, section them off and re-surface them with pea gravel, crumb rubber or different types of mulch. This prevents worn areas and will add a new dimension to the look of your lawn. ## Health Concerns Many people have allergens to both dust and pollen making it difficult for them to adequately care for their lawns by themselves. When it becomes a health hazard to maintain your natural grass, you have three options. You can move away, hire an expensive landscaping company or you can fake your lawn. If the lawn is small enough, you can landscape the entire area. If you still want the look and feel of natural grass without the pain and suffering that comes along with it, you can look into artificial turf. There are many varieties and styles to choose from. Most artificial turf brands have anti-bacterial components to help control infection and contamination from pet waste. Faking your lawn isn't always a bad thing. In fact, for most it is a cost effective option that allows you to have a lawn that looks its best all year long, without you having to spend hours each week working on it. In most cases, if the work is done correctly, it is hard to tell the real lawns from the fake ones.
On Durability of Artificial Turf3 years ago - Artificial turf is often a first choice of many homeowners because it is affordable and maintenance free. Others choose it for its construction, quality materials and durability. Artificial lawns are designed to last for several years. With that in mind, they must be constructed with the best materials to create a product that can withstand not only extreme environmental conditions, but also the wear and tear of every day foot traffic and pets. ## Construction Artificial turf is constructed to withstand the worst conditions possible. From high temperatures to frigid cold, high levels of foot traffic, dry weather and damage from animals. The tightly woven mesh and precision cuts used to create the blade go hand in hand in making the lawn appear as natural as possible. The techniques used in producing the mesh prevents it from being easily damaged. It also helps keep the fabric firmly in place once it has been installed. When constructing the artificial turf, the mesh is strengthened by the different weave patterns that are used to both create the backing as well as attach the blades of grass. The tighter the weave, the more resistant the fabric is to being damaged. One of the biggest factors in protecting the mesh fabric, is the fill material that is used once the artificial lawn has been installed. Crumb rubber, sand and small pebble stones are ideal materials for fillers. Each has its own advantages and will work well in most situations. ## Quality Materials Artificial turf is constructed using the highest quality materials possible. Nylon and polypropylene fibers are incorporated into the fabric and mesh that is used to construct both the mesh and the blades that make up artificial lawns. The tightly woven fibers are designed to prevent tears and rips from organic objects like sticks and tree limbs, as well as from pets and toys that children play with. The fabric that is used to create the blades is resistant to fraying, ripping and tearing. It allows the blades to maintain the look of freshly cut grass without being matted down or discolored by the sun, chemicals, an over abundance of water and shade. The better the materials used in the construction, the longer the turf will last no matter where it has been installed. ## The Importance of a Warranty Reading an artificial turf's warranty will provide excellent insight into its construction as well as its durability. The more things listed within the warranty, the more care and consideration was put into its development and construction. Most warranties cover basic issues. An excellent warranty will cover issues like: - **Discoloration/Fading** – A good warranty will cover fading caused by the sun as well as discoloration caused by exposure to chemicals or animal waste. - **Installation Issues** - Installation issues are also covered under a reliable warranty. Turf that is not properly stretched or tacked down correctly can wear unevenly, causing bulges, rips and tears. - **Defective Materials/Construction** – Defective materials and poor construction are covered under most warranties. Errors in construction and the use of materials that are defective or of poor quality will cause the artificial turf to break down or begin to show wear and tear long before the warranty expires. - **Animal Damage** – Animals are extremely hard on artificial turf and natural grass alike. Artificial turf must be manufactured to withstand the tearing of an animals' claws as well as the elements found in their feces and urine. A good warranty will protect against most of those issues. If your goal is to learn about the durability of an artificial turf product, you should not only study the product and how it is made, but also the warranty that accompanies it.
Top Mistakes DIY Turf Installers Make3 years ago - Installing your own artificial turf is easy -- as long as you have detailed instructions, all the proper tools, and some real experience working with artificial turf. We can give you the installation guide, and recommend some tools, but since you can’t get experience off the internet, we can give you the next best thing: some common turf installation mistakes to avoid. Keep these in mind as you start your artificial turf installation project for a much smoother artificial turf installation ~~process~~. ## Mistake 1: Incorrect measurements You’ve probably heard this before, but we can’t emphasize it enough: double-check your measurements! Measure your installation area at least twice, and from different directions. Make sure you’re getting the right amount of turf to cover your installation area most efficiently by going over your calculations with one of our turf consultants. ## Mistake 2: Incorrect base material We usually recommend ¼” to ¾” crushed drain rock as your base material. The coarseness of the base rock determines the amount of drainage your new lawn will have, so choose a coarser material if you have drainage issues. Also, never use rounded rocks like pea gravel because they will slide around as you try to compact them. ## Mistake 3: Uneven base An artificial turf lawn looks best when laid over a smooth surface. Any bumps or wrinkles stand out and make your lawn less attractive. When removing the existing landscaping, make sure you’ve also removed any roots or rocks that will cause unevenness. Then, we recommend using a sod roller or plate compactor to compact your base layer until it’s smooth. ## Mistake 4: Flattening your base too much Didn’t we just say you needed to compact your base until it’s completely smooth? Yes, make your base smooth, but shape it with a 1% incline towards the center. This will make your lawn look more natural, and allow water to drain away from the middle. ## Mistake 5: Ignoring the grain ![](/images/pages/roof-turf.jpg) Blades of artificial turf have a natural “grain” or directionality. Pay attention to this grain, and always lay the turf in the same direction to avoid obvious seams in your lawn. For best results, we recommend facing the grain towards the viewer. ## Mistake 6: Buying turf in batches Different batches of artificial turf have slight color variations between them. If you order half your turf now, and half next month, you may get turf that looks a little different. For best results, buy all of your turf at once. ## Mistake 7: Not installing a weed blocker One of the benefits of artificial turf is that you no longer need to weed your lawn. However, for that to become reality, you need to apply a week blocker layer underneath your artificial turf to discourage weeds and other plants from growing through your lawn. ## Mistake 8: Throwing away your scraps after your installation is done Hand on to your leftover scraps of turf! They can be used for minor repairs or patches. Furthermore, you can use them as reference swatches if you need to buy more artificial turf in the future.
Choosing the Best Turf for Dogs3 years ago - A dog is fairly easy to please. Make sure his food bowl is always full, the water dish is always overflowing and give him the freedom to run and play in the grass. Most animals could care less if its an enclosed dog run or a wide open back yard, as long as they have the freedom to run and play like they want to. A dog simply wants to roll around and play in the grass. In most cases, a dog is so happy to be outside, he doesn't even notice that the artificial blades of grass aren't even sticking to his coat or tickling his nose. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> ## Low Cut Pile Ideally, the best artificial turf for a dog run or any other area where your dog will be spending time will have a pile height of between 1 and 1.25 inches. Low cut pile artificial turf are often denser and more plush than those with a higher face weight. Turf with a shorter pile, often times has more cushion and is more likely to bounce back after several hours of rough play. This eliminates the need to brush or gently rack the blades to get them to stand back up again. ## Lower Face Weight The face weight of artificial turf refers to its overall density and thickness. While the actual face weight of your artificial turf will not be of any concern to your pet, you may feel differently. With a low face weight, the blades are more coarse and stiff. They handle wear and tear much better than other types of turf, and best of all, it costs less. The one problem with a lower face weight artificial turf is that the density of the blades can cause animal debris to become embedded in the turf if it is stepped on. Always make sure to remove any pet waste as soon as it is deposited to prevent it from being ground deep into the pile. This will make it extremely hard to remove and can lead to a major odor problem if not properly cleaned up. ## Easy Care and Little to No Maintenance Other than picking up any pieces of debris that may accumulate due to wind and other natural occurrences, the only real maintenance you may want to perform is a simple rinsing with the garden hose on a regular basis. While the silver ions that leech from the synthetic materials will help to control pet odor, rinsing the turf with the garden hose will knock loose any dried on debris and wash it away. This will help to keep your artificial lawn looking and smelling its best. ## Controls Infection The silver ions that help to protect you from odor also act as an anti-bacterial. Children and pets can play together on the turf and germs will not become a major issue. As the silver ions are released from the turf, they begin to attack odor and infection causing bacteria at the source. This means the environment will remain safe from germs as long as you help to keep the area clean by eliminating excessive amounts of debris. Keep in mind that the main benefits of artificial turf are primarily for humans. Yes, it is maintenance free and can raise the value of your home, but to your pet, artificial turf is just the fuzzy blades of something that they get to run and play on when they are outside. Your dog's main concerns once they get outside are to use the bathroom and then find a place where they can roll around and scratch their back on the grass. While they may appreciate the fact that the turf doesn't make them sneeze, they more than likely will never know the difference.
Going to the Dogs3 years ago - > Have you thought about wiping your feet after walking your dog? What about your dog’s feet...? Although our relationship with man’s best friend started over 30,000 years ago, the growth of Urban areas and their pets is growing out of proportion. Where do the dogs run, where do they socialize, play or chase the Frisbee? Where do they get unleashed? The effects of the large canine population can be heard, and sometimes smelled most in apartment or high-rise areas. Park redesign has started in Toronto, and at a High rise area in Downtown. Three High rise buildings, just off Yonge street, north of Gerrard have taken the lead with their reconstruction of the Centre court area. The pet area has been created, and designed with our high draining system, with low pile [SYNLawn Pet Premium turf]( Bacteria can be mitigated with Envirofill Anti-microbial infill, and odor addressed with [Zeofill](, a natural product that absorbs odor. ![Dog Park](/images/pages/snow-dogs.jpg) SYNLawn products offer a 15 year, warranty, and with annual inspection for seam separation, settling and or Power brooming the turf, we can keep the area looking new for a long time. Snow is no problem, UV is the biggest issue, and for the most part, snow will cover the turf over the winter. All this for the benefit of the tenants. A clean area will translate into lower cleaning cost in the building, as an owner pointed out. A substantial capital outlay at the start, but the payback over time is twofold. Happy tenants and lower building maintenance - because everybody is wiping their feet!
Case Study: Safe Play3 years ago - > Keeping kids safe at school is an ongoing initiative for principals and school staff. As research confirmed, many of those injuries are due to the playground surface material. When the Blue Springs School District noted opportunities to reduce playground injuries, they aggressively researched improved playground surfaces. They looked to their friends in the west and were able to take advantage of some important lessons already learned from nearby Blue Valley School District, the first in the area to install [artificial grass]( on their playgrounds. ## Blue Springs School District The [Blue Springs School District]( (BSSD) consists of 14 elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools. The elementary playgrounds utilized wood mulch on their playgrounds, while other school districts in the area use rubber mulch. After learning about the devastating fires at the Blue Valley School District, Dr. Bill Cowling, assistant superintendent for BSSD, read about the [SYNLawn fire-retardant nylon-based turf]( BVSD used and quickly came to the conclusion that [artificial grass would make sense for their playgrounds]( too. While they were certainly aware of the threat of playground vandalism like arson and the loss of thousands of dollars worth of playground equipment, the issue BSSD faced was reducing injuries and improving play systems for their students. ## The Playground Surface Dilemmas There were documented clinic visits due to playground accidents. As a result of the wood mulch, children were going to see the nurse for wounds like abrasions and splinters. During the 2011-2012 school year, one school reported 11 breaks and sprains and 20 visits to the nurse’s office for issues related to wood mulch in the eyes. The wood mulch seemingly had advantages at first, and its low cost was one of them. However, the maintenance required to constantly reapply and redistribute the mulch chips became a regular function that increased their maintenance costs. Since wood mulch is easily displaced due to heavy traffic from the kids, this also meant that it was probably not meeting ASTM guidelines for proper HIC (head injury criteria) requirements. <div class="post-gallery"> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-1" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-1" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-1" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-1" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> </div> ## The Deciding Factors Dan Anderson, director of buildings and grounds at BSSD, had experience working with Kirk Grego, who has been in the artificial grass business for years and is also husband to the owner of [SYNLawn Kansas City]( It was Kirk who introduced them to the artificial grass solution. Cowling and Anderson began to research about the differences between the polypropylene and nylon synthetic turfs in order to determine which would offer the safest playground solution while reducing maintenance. BSSD’s research team inspected the artificial turf installed at one of the BVSD playgrounds. They were able to observe the kids on the playground areas and talk to some of the parents. They witnessed some pretty extreme activity, including a pick-up football game, where the kids were tackling and hitting the ground. “The kids were bouncing right back up,” exclaimed Anderson. “We felt very comfortable with the turf setup with the padding underneath and the additional fall height protection,” added Anderson, who has been with the school district for 16 years. They also had Kelly Flax, then principal of Thomas Utican Elementary and current principal of James Walker Elementary in Blue Springs, MO, view the installation in order to get their opinion on what was going to be a trial for their pilot at their playground. With three different viewpoints, Cowling focused on talking to BVSD about the investment and process, Anderson looked at the installation and Flax was concerned about how it would affect the kids at his elementary school. <div class="post-gallery"> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-2" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-2" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> </div> ## Choosing the Right Product Blue Springs chose to install a combination [SYNBermuda 211]( and [SYNTipede 214]( with TrampleZones™. SYNBermuda 211 (previously called SYNBermuda 220) is also a 100-percent nylon artificial grass and features exclusive HeatBlock™ Technology. It’s an excellent choice for high foot-traffic areas like children’s playgrounds. Like the SYNRye 211 (previously called SYNBermuda 200), it is also fire resistant due to its nylon composition. SYNTipede 214 (previously called SYNTipede 322) is a soft polyethylene artificial grass that also features [HeatBlock™ Technology]( and includes a texturized polypropylene thatch zone for added strength and resiliency. The Omega-blade construction adds to its ability to hold up well to very heavy traffic. Both the SYNBermuda 211 and SYNTipede 214 are [IPEMA]( Certified ASTM F1292-09 Compliant products and also protect children from falls as high as 10 feet. And, they both boast the coveted Class One fire rating. “I got a chance to really get into the research of the turf just because there’s a lot of turf companies out there, and they all have their selling points,” said Anderson. “The nylon is what we predominantly went with just because of the fire-retardant capabilities.” <blockquote class="clearfix"> <p>I always feel good because I know that the kids are going to be protected. Falls occur everywhere that we have the pads. <small class="quote-auth">Dan Anderson</small></p> </blockquote> <div class="post-gallery"> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-3" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> <a href="" data-lightbox="safe-play-3" class="grid-gallery-item"></a> </div> # The SYNLawn Installation Process Prior to choosing SYNLawn, the BSSD hired an architectural firm to assist them in how to have the artificial grass installed, how much of it to install and what sizes and shapes to create. The trial for the pilot program began in 2012 at a playground located on an interior courtyard at Thomas Ultican Elementary. “Another difference between nylon and polyethylene is the temperature of the product in the heat of the summer … nylon is a cooler environment, it doesn’t retain the heat as much. These are different reasons why we looked at the nylon instead of the typical polypropylene products,” noted Anderson. After trying it out for a year, BSSD replaced the wood mulch with artificial turf on every playground. Some of the playgrounds at the 14 elementary schools were large while others were small. Some also had four different play areas that received artificial grass whereas others had the turf extended around the building. “We had a whole variety of shapes, but they all served the purpose,” added Anderson. The school district saved a considerable amount of money by removing the wood mulch in advance of our installers. Depending on the playground size, equipment involved and cooperating weather, Anderson said that the installation process took anywhere from seven to 10 days for each playground. While the play areas include padding underneath the artificial turf, they also went with non-padded areas outside of the play structures in order to give some of the schools larger play areas where kids can run around or play games like kickball. This technique leveraged limited resources nicely. Most importantly was the application of the TrampleZones™ since the BSSD was concerned about kids getting injured. This use of more dense turf doesn’t make it look like the artificial grass is wearing out. They installed them on the playgrounds underneath the swings and where the kids come off the slides or pole. “We’ve got TrampleZones™ that are made out of putting green turf so that it always maintains a really sharp appearance,” said Anderson. ## The Results According to Anderson, the elementary school staff, kids and parents all love it, and the moms no longer have to do laundry with their kids’ clothes full of wood chips. “I always feel good because I know that the kids are going to be protected. Falls occur everywhere that we have the pads,” said Anderson. Angela Grego, owner of SYNLawn Kansas City, also agreed that the school district now has safety 24-7, 365 because the padding system is always there and never moves. The area also gets a lot of snow in the wintertime, and he said that you’re able to shovel it off the artificial grass so that the kids can be playing that same afternoon. “That’s a huge advantage because when it rains or snows, the kids are right back on it without slip issues. There were so many other benefits of it besides the fall height protection,” said Anderson. In 2014, the BSSD was awarded the John Preston Award from the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS). So far, it’s holding up well. Before installing synthetic turf, the maintenance was daily because the kids kicked out the wood mulch or it would get washed away due to heavy rains. In order to maintain the fall height, staff members would have to rake it back up or the BSSD would have to add more wood mulch year after year. “There was a lot more daily maintenance whereas with this turf you don’t have that,” added Anderson. Now, to keep the organic material out, such as leaves and sticks, the custodians use a blower to blow it off, and in the summertime, they do a deep clean with larger equipment to get the organic material up, which Anderson said is something you don’t have to do. To see kids playing in action on the SYNLawn artificial grass, check out this video testimonial from Ryan Crum, school principal at Daniel Young Elementary. <div class="v-video"><iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" style="visibility: visible;"></iframe></div> ## Lessons Learned Anderson stressed the importance of finding a professional, experienced company that understands the needs of an education setting as well as the compliances that must be followed when installing playground equipment. “For us, it was what products are available and why are people doing that, and it was so new when we were starting on this. Nobody had it other than Blue Valley,” he continued. Grego also recommends those considering artificial grass to speak with Dan Anderson. “He has an open-door policy about any of the school districts that want to question him about the safety and maintenance of his turf,” she added. He also noted that for those considering adding artificial grass to their playground, he advises that you outline the perimeter and put your hardscapes in in order to know what the interior square footage will be and ultimately what it will cost you. He added that you have to go two-and-a-half times the height of the playground equipment, and you need a fall zone outside of that. “Try to come up with a budget because it’s a costly investment, but in the end, the return from a safety standpoint, an aesthetics standpoint and a total use standpoint is worth it,” he said. ## Add SYNLawn to Your Playgrounds If you’d like to create a safer surface for your students at school or kids at home, then learn more about the [playground products]( we offer. <style> .post-gallery { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; margin-bottom: 2em; justify-content: center; } .post-gallery .grid-gallery-item { flex: 1; flex-basis: 200px; margin: 5px; background-size: cover; } .quote-auth { float: right; font-size: 0.75em; } </style>
How to Maintain your Artificial Turf in the Winter3 years ago - A common question from our clients is: > “What do we do with our lawns in the winter?” And the answer is simple: **Nothing.** It may seem like a silly answer but you really aren’t required to do anything to your turf throughout the winter. SYNLawn Artificial Turf is designed to withstand the elements year-round. You simply treat it like real grass; in the fall rake the leaves, in the winter let the snow fall, in the spring rake the leaves leftover from fall and just enjoy! Summer maintenance is virtually eliminated. No more mowing or watering lawns, picking weeds, fertilizing, aerating, dealing with holes or patchy areas – it’s in perfect condition all year. And as a bonus for pet owners – no more muddy paws! Here are a few care and maintenance tips to keep your lawn looking great for years to come: - Rain is the best cleaner, but if you live in an area where there is limited rain, you can use a sponge mop to clean up lightly soiled areas or hose them down. - Clean any spills as quickly as possible, you can blot them or use an absorbent, which can be swept or vacuumed. - Brushing periodically is also recommended, mostly for the areas that are high traffic. With those simple steps you can be the envy of your neighbours and keep your lawn looking perfect year after year.
The Green Throne3 years ago - The Green Throne was developed locally due to the popularity of condos and apartments in Toronto, it is designed for balconies, cold days, emergencies and can be used for training purposes. ![]( We will be selling The Green Throne at Winter Woofstock, this Saturday and Sunday, November 21 & 22 at a special show price of $180, while quantities last. (Retail Price $220) Visit us at the show to get yours or contact us directly if you are unable to attend. SYNLawn provides landscape, balcony, rooftop and portable solutions for your pets. Enjoy no more muddy paws, the turfs are easy to clean, you will save water, maintenance and have more time to spend with your pets.

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Make SYNLawn your resource in Toronto for artificial grass products that set the standard for an entire industry. Our synthetic turf products offer a realism and durability for GTA residents that is truly rare among grass synthetics, and are the result of decades of relentless and inspired research and development. You will find our synthetic grass products at the center of a variety of applications that include synthetic lawns, backyard and indoor golf greens and much, much more. To be clear, ours are “fake grass” lawns and golf greens like you have never seen before. Our artificial turf offers the look and feel of natural grass at its most perfect, and requires no watering, mowing or fertilizing ever! Furthermore, you can expect grass artificially created from SYNLawn to retain its perfection for years to come. There will never be a better time to begin work on your custom designed application, so call today.

All around Toronto synthetic turf from SYNLawn is turning up in more and more places. Synthetic grass is an inspired choice for our cold Ontario winters, and we can help you enjoy green and pristine grass year-round in a variety of forms that include the following applications:

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