Artificial Grass is Winning the Turf War

Boom in the demand for artificial grass

Artificial grass is gaining ground as a viable option for landscape areas including residential, commercial, sports and play areas. A recent study The Global Market for Artificial Turf 2018, published by Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI Consulting; Bristol, UK) indicates that there is greater demand for artificial turf.

β€œIn all applications the challenges of growing grass has people looking for alternatives.”

Many homeowners are simply fed up with the challenge of caring for their lawns and are looking for an easy way to keep their lawn looking green and healthy. Whether the difficulty is due to grubs, unhealthy soil conditions, digging dogs, too much shade etc. the challenges all fade away when artificial turf is installed.

Architects and designers find artificial turf to be a great alternative to other landscape options. In fact SYNLawn is becoming a product of choice not just an alternative. Landscape architects are able to design easy to maintain, cost effective, long lasting, environmentally responsible spaces for their clients.

With safety built right into the base for sports and community applications, installing artificial turf can make it possible to increase use of the space for teams and community events creating an additional income source for local communities.

Choosing what company to go with is the next question.

SYNLawn is the leader in artificial turf, constantly improving to provide the highest quality products. They now offer a NEW LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY! Advancements in manufacturing include turf that drains at a rate of 45” per hour, made from 60% recycled content, is 100% recyclable and now has a limited lifetime warranty. SYNLawn lead free and child/pet safe. There is no off-gassing and in fact architects get LEED points for specifying SYNLawn. SYNLawn is a safe and environmentally responsible choice.

There are a wide range of styles and price points. Solutions are available for any area and all applications. Turf can be installed on rooftops, balconies, play areas, landscapes, and for golf.

Let us know what you are looking for. We can suggest the best options at the right price point for your project.