Artificial Green Walls

All the "wow factor" of green walls without the need for watering. Featuring 6 foliage choices and easy installation!

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    Calico Greens™ captures realistic colors, shadings, dimensions, and even the movement of real plants. A custom wall can be installed indoors or in outdoor areas like common areas and roof terraces. The UV-stable foliage option ensures minimal fading and lasting beauty.

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    Artificial green wall benefits

    • Ultra-realistic design mimics real plants
    • Durable panels manufactured to ISO 9001
    • Seamless panel to panel integration
    • Lightweight promotes airflow
    • 100% customizable indoor and outdoors

    Artificial plant accent walls from Calico Greens breathe life and beauty into spaces including Condominiums, Accent Walls, Wedding Venues, Spa & Wellness Centres, Terraces, Grand Entryways, Office Spaces and many more applications!




    Calico GreensTM artificial green walls comes in a variety of styles. The wall is created by seamlessly connecting customizable plant mix panels. Please contact us for current pricing.

    Artificial Pet Turf Installation in Toronto

    Check out a selection of Toronto Artificial Grass projects undertaken by our construction and installation teams:

    Oakville Lakefront Budget: +$100k

    This impressive space provided us an opportunity to showcase our design skills and the multiple solutions that SYNLawn provides. Starting with a consultation to discuss options and resulting in a complete makeover incorporating golf, pets and leisure areas.