Architects Stay Ahead of the Curve

As a landscape architect it is important to stay current and on the lookout for new ideas. Maintaining ongoing training is also mandatory for members of architecture associations. How can we help? We are Garden City Groundskeeping Services Ltd., your local authorized dealer and installer of SYNLawn Artificial Turf. We deliver Lunch and Learn Presentations … Read more

Should You Fake a Lawn

Natural grass lawns are beautiful when they are well taken care of and have the right amounts of water and fertilizer. There are times, however, when faking a lawn may be a better option. The fact, keeping a natural grass lawn is hard work. While there are many factors that can affect how a lawn … Read more

On Durability of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is often a first choice of many homeowners because it is affordable and maintenance free. Others choose it for its construction, quality materials and durability. Artificial lawns are designed to last for several years. With that in mind, they must be constructed with the best materials to create a product that can withstand … Read more

Top Mistakes DIY Turf Installers Make

Installing your own artificial turf is easy — as long as you have detailed instructions, all the proper tools, and some real experience working with artificial turf. We can give you the installation guide, and recommend some tools, but since you can’t get experience off the internet, we can give you the next best thing: … Read more

Choosing the Best Turf for Dogs

A dog is fairly easy to please. Make sure his food bowl is always full, the water dish is always overflowing and give him the freedom to run and play in the grass. Most animals could not care less if its an enclosed dog run or a wide open backyard, as long as they have … Read more

Going to the Dogs

Have you thought about wiping your feet after walking your dog? What about your dog’s feet…? Although our relationship with man’s best friend started over 30,000 years ago, the growth of Urban areas and their pets is growing out of proportion. Where do the dogs run, where do they socialize, play or chase the Frisbee? … Read more

Case Study: Safe Play

Keeping kids safe at school is an ongoing initiative for principals and school staff. As research confirmed, many of those injuries are due to the playground surface material. When the Blue Springs School District noted opportunities to reduce playground injuries, they aggressively researched improved playground surfaces. They looked to their friends in the west and … Read more

How to Maintain your Artificial Turf in the Winter

A common question from our clients is: “What do we do with our lawns in the winter?” And the answer is simple: Nothing. It may seem like a silly answer, but you really aren’t required to do anything to your turf throughout the winter. SYNLawn Artificial Turf is designed to withstand the elements year-round. You … Read more

The Green Throne

The Green Throne was developed locally due to the popularity of condos and apartments in Toronto, it is designed for balconies, cold days, emergencies and can be used for training purposes. We will be selling The Green Throne at Winter Woofstock, this Saturday and Sunday, November 21 & 22 at a special show price of … Read more