Commercial Artificial Grass in Toronto, ON

At Toronto Artificial Grass, we offer commercial artificial grass to help improve lawns and landscapes for businesses in Toronto, ON.

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Our unrivaled commercial artificial turf provides businesses of all kinds with a wow factor due to its impressive greenery and longevity. So if you own or operate an office, restaurant, retail store, shopping mall, or any other type of commercial property, consider switching to our commercial synthetic turf for beautiful, cost-effective lawns and landscapes.

Improving Lawns & Landscapes for Businesses

Businesses in Toronto, Etobicoke, Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga all rely on quality surfaces for success. A stunningly green lawn welcomes guests and employees into a business and can help put them in a better state of mind. This can help increase sales and lead to a better overall environment. However, in Canada, it can be difficult to maintain a traditional grass lawn, especially during the winter months when temperatures drop. Fortunately, with commercial artificial grass from Toronto Artificial Grass, having an attractive, lush, and green lawn or landscape is no problem at all!

Benefits of Commercial Artificial Turf Installation

For commercial properties in Toronto, ON and its many surrounding communities, our commercial artificial turf installation offers several benefits, including: 

Orange playground equipment installed on artificial grass

Improved Curb Appeal

Impressive curb appeal is essential for many businesses. It shows a consumer how a company cares about the details, their appearance, and what their customers think. To help ensure more consistent curb appeal, businesses in Toronto, ON can switch to commercial synthetic turf from us at Toronto Artificial Grass. Our artificial grass is highly realistic, so it looks and feels just like conventional grass. As a result, it provides a beautifully lush green look without fail.

Commercial artificial athletic grass area

Durable Surfacing

Surfaces in and around nearly any Toronto business can experience high amounts of wear and tear. In most situations, this wear and tear comes from plentiful foot traffic as well as the local weather. Elements like these can quickly cause traditional grass to fall apart, leaving little behind to enjoy. Fortunately, with our commercial artificial grass, you can have highly durable grass surfaces that resist several forms of wear and tear. This will help ensure your lawn or landscape looks better and lasts longer.

Commercial putting green installed by SYNLawn

Saving Time & Money

Installing commercial artificial turf for your business is an incredible way to save time and money. Typically, conventional grass lawns and landscapes require a surplus of time-consuming and costly maintenance, such as watering, mowing, and treating with chemicals. Thankfully, with our synthetic grass, you can eliminate these requirements, saving you and your businesses countless hours and potentially hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Drone shot of artificial grass athletic area and sport surface

Environmentally Friendly

As noted, our commercial artificial grass eliminates the need for watering. It also helps reduce the need for gas-powered mowers, which lowers the number of carbon emissions. These factors, along with several others, help make our synthetic turf one of the most environmentally friendly options for surfacing for any Toronto, ON property, including various types of commercial properties.

Our Available Commercial Synthetic Turf Options 

At Toronto Artificial Grass, we offer several stylized and specialized commercial artificial turf options for businesses in Toronto, ON, including the following:

No matter what type of business you own or operate, our team can identify an artificial grass solution for you and your unique needs!

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Commercial artificial grass from Toronto Artificial Grass is ready and available for purchase and installation in Toronto, Ontario and its many surrounding communities. Our commercial synthetic turf offers a beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance surfacing alternative that is incredibly environmentally friendly. And with our many specialized artificial turf types, you can receive a surface that is tailored to your needs. 
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