Commercial Playground Turf in Toronto, ON

Improving commercial playgrounds and play areas in Toronto, ON is easier than ever with artificial playground turf from Toronto Artificial Grass.

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When it comes to designing outdoor play areas for commercial properties, safety, and durability should be a top priority. Thankfully, our artificial playground grass is an impressive option that offers numerous benefits for commercial properties of all kinds in Toronto, Ontario.

Artificial playground grass for commercial use

Long-Lasting Playground Turf

In addition to being low-maintenance, our synthetic playground grass is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Unlike other common play area surfaces, which can become damaged or destroyed by heavy use, our playground surfacing can withstand even the most enthusiastic play! It is also resistant to wear and tear from foot traffic and inclement weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for commercial properties in Toronto, ON that see a lot of activity.

Green slide installed on artificial grass

Environmentally Friendly Playgrounds in Toronto, ON

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of our artificial playground turf is its environmental friendliness. With concerns about climate change and sustainability growing by the day, many businesses in Toronto, Ontario are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Fortunately, artificial grass and playground turf from us at Toronto Artificial Grass is an excellent option in this regard because it requires no watering or fertilizing, reducing the use of chemicals and conserving water resources. 

Playground equipment installed on commercial Artificial Grass

Provide Versatile Play Areas

At Toronto Artificial Grass, another benefit of our commercial playground turf is its versatility. Our many artificial turf products can be installed in a wide range of locations, including areas that are difficult to maintain or access with traditional grass. For example, businesses in Toronto, Ontario, can install our artificial turf on rooftops or other high-traffic areas that are not suitable for conventional grass. Additionally, our commercial playground turf is available in a variety of colors, allowing businesses to customize the look of their indoor or outdoor play areas to suit their needs.

Drone shot of a commercial artificial grass playground

Low-Maintenance Surfacing

Another significant advantage of our commercial playground turf is its low maintenance requirements. With traditional grass, property owners must regularly mow, water, and fertilize the surface to keep it looking healthy and inviting. Likewise, materials, such as sand and wood chips, also require maintenance, including raking and replenishing. Our artificial turf for playgrounds, on the other hand, requires no mowing, watering, fertilizing, raking, or replenishing, making it a much more cost-effective and time-efficient option for commercial properties. 

Swingset installed on commercial artificial grass

Safer & More Comfortable for Children

First and foremost, commercial playground turf from Toronto Artificial Grass provides a safer and more comfortable surface for children to play on. Unlike conventional grass surfaces, which can become slippery and uneven after rain or heavy use, our artificial playground surfacing stays consistent and level, reducing the risk of trips and falls. Additionally, our commercial playground turf is designed and produced with shock-absorbing pads that provide added cushioning for falls, which helps reduce the likelihood of surface-related injuries. Overall, the safety and comfort features of our playground grass make it an excellent choice for high-traffic play areas on commercial properties in Toronto, ON.

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Playground Turf From Toronto Artificial Grass

Commercial playground turf is an excellent investment for businesses in Toronto, ON, as it can increase the value and appeal of a commercial property. A well-designed and maintained outdoor play area can attract families with children, increasing foot traffic and revenue for businesses. Additionally, a safer and more inviting play area can help businesses build positive relationships with their customers and the community at large in Toronto. So consider our playground surfacing for your shopping mall, restaurant, apartment complex, and more! 

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At Toronto Artificial Grass, our commercial playground turf is an unrivaled option for businesses in Toronto, ON, looking to create safer play areas that are low-maintenance and visually appealing for families with children. With its many benefits, our artificial playground grass is a smart investment that can help businesses stand out and attract more customers. So if you’re considering upgrading your commercial property, contact us today to learn more about our synthetic playground surfacing!

ypes, you can receive a surface that is tailored to your needs. 
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