Conserve Water and Save Money with an Artificial Grass Installation

None of us want to be wasteful, particularly when it comes to natural resources like water. We are proud to work with a product that many of your Ontario friends and neighbors have called upon to help them conserve water by eliminating natural grass from their outdoor spaces.

In the process, they have found SYNLawn grass to be a cost efficient, environmentally friendly product that just happens to be the best looking grass they have ever seen.

Few of us realize just how much water we waste in the maintenance of our lawns. One way to realize what a significant amount we are talking about is to become aware of just how much water bills drop after the installation of SYNLawn synthetic turf.

  • Our synthetic turf can reduce your water bills by as much as 50 percent
  • Lower water bills mean more money in your pocket
  • Eliminate the costs associated with lawn maintenance
  • Continued savings each month translates into a product that pays for itself over time

The ability to do your part in conserving water is something to feel good about. That said, we know that conservation isn’t the primary reason for your interest in synthetic turf. You want a product that offers the look and feel of natural grass at its most pristine, and that does so year-round. The good news is this scenario is exactly what SYNLawn products offer you. Add in the environmental benefits and cost savings you will experience, and you’ve got a product few other products in our industry or any other can compare to.

We all want to do our part to conserve the natural resources we depend on. Here at SYNLawn, we are offering you a way to do so while upgrading your outdoor space and improving your bottom line. What could be better, and what are you waiting for? Call today!