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Perfect for Residential and Commercial use. No more mowing, weeds, or patchy areas where grass won’t grow!

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The possibilities are endless. SYNLawn artificial grass is used for residential lawns and landscapes, municipal roadway medians, urban Rooftops, world-famous theme parks, zoo’s, and destination resorts. What can you do with SYNLawn? Let your imagination be your guide.

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Synthetic or artificial grass is perfect for any residential home. It will not only save you hours of landscape work but it will also save you money. If your lawn is patchy and can’t grow grass in certain areas, you should definitely consider replacing your grass with SYNLawn artificial turf. You will have a perfect lawn all year long with little to no maintenance. No more pulling weeds, watering, aeration, mowing or harmful pesticides. It looks and feels very natural and is incredibly durable.

Installing SYNLawn at your home can reduce your water bills by up to 70%, you will save on your energy bills and you won’t need your expensive lawnmower any longer. It is perfect for homes with children, pets and the elderly because it is the safest and most innovative alternative to traditional landscapes.

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SYNLawn synthetic turf for lawns and landscapes comes in a variety of grades and styles. As a general guide, the cost can range between $4-$8 ( per ft2) depending on the product chosen.

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