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At Toronto Artificial Grass, our team members offer optimized artificial grass for mini golf construction in Toronto ON.

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Miniature golf, also known as mini golf or putt-putt, has been a popular pastime for over a century. With its whimsical obstacles and fun challenges, mini golf courses have become a staple in family entertainment centers, amusement parks, and resorts worldwide. However, maintaining traditional grass on a mini golf course can be difficult and costly. The same can be said when opting for cheap turf. That is where our high-quality artificial grass comes in. It offers numerous benefits for mini golf, making it a popular option in Toronto and its surrounding communities, including Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, and Oakville, ON.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Mini Golf Construction

Installing artificial golf turf from Toronto Artificial Grass can provide your mini golf course with several benefits. Some of these many benefits include the following:

Backyard putting greens installed by Toronto Artificial Grass


Our artificial grass for mini golf is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic as well as wear and tear from putting. This makes it especially ideal for commercial mini-golf courses with many players. In addition, our turf has a long lifespan, so it can last for many years without losing its quality.

Low Maintenance

At Toronto Artificial Grass, our synthetic grass for mini golf construction requires minimal maintenance. As a result, it does not need watering, mowing, or fertilizing. This helps save mini golf course owners time and money, which can add up significantly over time. 

Weather Resistance

The weather can have a sizable impact on traditional grass as well as mini golf courses in Toronto, Ontario. Fortunately, our artificial golf grass resists changing and inclement weather conditions such as the heat, cold, and rain. In doing so, our golf turf is an exceptional option for mini golf courses in Toronto, where the weather can typically damage traditional grass and inferior turf.

Consistent Playability

Artificial golf grass from Toronto Artificial Grass has been specially engineered to provide a consistent playing surface for golf, including for mini golf. This helps ensure that players have a consistent playing experience on each and every hole. It also helps prevent uneven patches or divots from developing that can affect a golf ball’s roll and the player experience. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Visual appeal is an essential factor for mini golf courses, especially for commercial mini golf courses. Fortunately, our artificial golf turf provides a lush, green, and vibrant look year-round. This makes it an incredible addition to miniature golf courses that want to make a strong visual impression on their players. Plus, the vibrance of our synthetic golf grass lasts for years, ensuring a consistently appealing playing surface.

Toronto Artificial putting greens installed in residential area

Why Choose Toronto Artificial Grass for Mini Golf Construction?

At Toronto Artificial Grass, our team is made up of experts not only in artificial grass but in golf and mini golf construction as well. As such, we are a leading option for your mini golf project in Toronto, ON. Our experts will work with you to help bring your miniature golf vision to life – whether it is for a restaurant, amusement park, shopping mall, public park, or even a backyard. And with our incredible synthetic golf turf, your course will have a surface that is built to last and look its best for years to come. So consider us for your mini golf project today!

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Artificial grass for mini golf construction from Toronto Artificial Grass is an excellent investment for your mini golf course in Toronto, Ontario. Our synthetic golf grass provides a high-quality playing surface that can help enhance the player experience. It also offers numerous benefits that can help you save time and money in the long run. 

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