Dogs and Pets

Artificial Pet Turf Installation in Toronto

You and your pets will fall in love with our artificial turf. No harmful pesticides, allergen free, will never be muddy or messy and less annoying odors thanks to our innovative products. Not to mention no more brown stains or holes in your lawn! It doesn’t matter if you have an easygoing pet or a playful, roughhousing dog we can find the perfect SYNLawn installation that works for you for years to come. SYNLawn products are extremely durable and long lasting but if ever required high traffic zones can simply be replaced without redoing your entire yard.

No matter how big or small your pet is, we are committed to helping you find the perfect artificial turf for you and your pets needs. You can worry less about cleaning up after your pets and rest easy knowing they have a safe and healthy living (and playing) environment.

Large brown dog lying on SYNLawn turf
Large dog lying on SYNLawn turf
Medium sized Shetland Sheepdog on SYNLawn turf square
Medium sized dog with toy on SYNLawn turf
Medium sized dog with bandana on SYNLawn turf
Medium sized labrador sitting on SYNLawn turf

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