Ecore Performance Flooring

Ecore sets the standard in performance flooring by harnessing the most powerful attributes of composition rubber. Their innovative surfaces boast unrivaled ergonomic, safety, and acoustic benefits that improve lives every day.

Ecore’s performance flooring solutions work as hard as you do and are engineered to support the goals and health of everyday people across multiple markets and applications.


Ecore Performance Flooring

Toronto best performance gym and fitness flooring

Running. Jumping. Falling. And bouncing back.
Time and time again.

From the casual workout warrior to the serious athlete, repetitive motion, swift movement, and constant impact can take a toll on the body. Ecore embraces the science of Ergonomics— the absorption of force and the return of energy to develop flooring solutions that diminish fatigue, minimize discomfort, and allow athletes to perform at their highest levels.

Invest in the best – surfaces that sponsor longevity through innovative engineering and design.