Grand Magazine Toronto Artificial Grass Project

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Transforming rooftop spaces into multi-functional amenity areas. This project demonstrates how our specifically designed turfs provide targeted solutions and make the best use of your space. These previously bland, unusable spaces of this Toronto Condominium complex now serve as a pet area, play space and fun golfing feature.


SYNLawn can be used almost anywhere, which is another reason so many commercial properties have chosen SYNLawn. Airports, military bases, government facilities, roadway medians, shopping center medians, schools, urban buildings, as well as, commercial office buildings and complexes. Aside from the obvious cost savings advantages, SYNLawn is used in many places where natural grass simply will not work. These include areas where access is difficult, watering is not possible, shady areas prohibit sustainability, or foot traffic destroys the lawn surface.

SYNLawn warrants against UV degradation, backing integrity, yarns, and turf bind for the life of the product. The most credible warranty on the market by the oldest, most reputable company in the industry.