Valloncliffe Rd.

This shady backyard was ready for an upgrade. With challenges growing grass and desire to create a space to bring people together, we designed them a 3 hole putting area with a lush fringe. Working with the organic lines of the surrounding trees and gardens we created an easy to care for activity space for friends and family.

The Green Erin Mills

Back in 1980’s a kitsch putting area could be found in the centre court of Erin Mills Town Centre. Inspired by this, they wanted to create a more elegant and visually impressive mini put area to engage community.
Given SYNLawn’s impressive history we were brought in to design and build a visually appealing mini golf course. We were also asked that the design be module, removable, transportable and reinstalable. We rose to the challenged and created a design that includes 9 holes with varying degrees of difficulty and incorporates elements including bridges, water features, “sand traps” and tunnels.

Grand Magazine

Transforming rooftop spaces into multi-functional amenity areas. This project demonstrates how our specifically designed turfs provide targeted solutions and make the best use of your space. These previously bland, unusable spaces of this Toronto Condominium complex now serve as a pet area, play space and fun golfing feature.

Oakville Lakefront

This impressive space provided us an opportunity to showcase our design skills and the multiple solutions that SYNLawn provides. Starting with a consultation to discuss options and resulting in a complete makeover incorporating golf, pets and leisure areas.