5 Reasons Artificial Grass Is A Great Solution For Pets

If you’re a dog owner, it goes without saying that you would do pretty much anything for your furbaby. There are very few things that can drag us out of bed at 5 am, and the love we have for our dogs is definitely one of them. Finding convenient and healthy solutions wherever you can is also important. Read on for our top 5 reasons why artificial grass is a great solution for pets.

1. No Mud

When you have a SYNLawn artificial grass installation in your backyard, you can let your pet out, rain or shine, and you’ll never have to worry about a muddy mess in your home. Your dog will wipe their feet

2. SYNLawn Grass Is Durable

Dogs cause wear and tear on your grass and, over time, it will become muddy and bald. Trying to fix this damage is very time consuming. SYNLawn artificial grass installations are so durable that they last for years, See our Lifetime warranty.

3. Easy Cleanup

When you find the inevitable landmine in your yard, cleanup is really easy with SYNLawn’s artificial turf. Our pet installations have an antimicrobial, odour-absorbing infill and they’re easy to clean. You can wipe away the mess with our special cleaning solution quickly and effectively, and go on with your day. Our Envirofill infill product is working for you all the time.
**If you prefer, we offer a cleaning service and will come and take care of this for you. Give us a call!

2. No Harmful Pesticides or Allergens

The beauty of our pet installations is that they are always green, soft, and lush without ever having to use harmful pesticides. You can take comfort in knowing that your pet is safe from harmful chemicals and allergens when they’re playing or soaking up the sun. This also means that they won’t bring in any harmful pesticides or allergens into your home.

5. Pet Installations For Balconies


Yes, you read that right. At Toronto Artificial grass, we can install a SYNLawn artificial grass installation on your balcony. This system is ideal to help train your dog to use grass and will provide you with convenience and flexibility when living in an apartment or condo building.

If you have any questions about our pet installations, our team at Toronto Artificial Grass is always happy to help. Get a free consultation or call 905-272-9683 for more information.